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I have lost touch with a couple of things
Three books a week have turned into one ,if any at all.
All my first drafts have pilled up unfinished…yet to be refined…
Davido and Wizkid are blaring louder than The Script and Skylar Grey.

Self is too out of reach…
Scared to speak of love .
You might not like it,
That and a lot of other things that make me..
I do not look people  in the eyes no more,keeping those windows tightly  shut!

You think I am lost,
I think I am lost but ,the thing is …
I do not seek to be found,
Meet me at the end of the tunnel !

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“Kill them all, dead bodies in the hallway…” I’m so good at playing these video games by now.

If there’s anyone who tried to get that ring, It would probably be me!
This had to be the guy! I mean…he has to marry me, I’m the exact chic he must have been describing (I mean come on) right?
Scrolling through my Instagram @the_kache, I come across this guy called Dick. I won’t exaggerate, he is not that cute, but hey, I decide to follow anyway, if anything ,I was too desperate for a guy’s attention at that particular time.
His pictures, not too fly, but I like anyway. That was on a Sunday if I should be very specific.
I sleep and the day is over.

MONDAY(Dick’s IG caption).
“If that girl can play that video game better than you…Wife her!”


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Whilst It Ticks.

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y’all definitely the ones with the tongue out ??lol.. #I love you, je vous aimez, nawapenda, #whilst it ticks

Shared laughs,
Shared tears,
Memories made…
This life we live,
These times we share,
Friends are for always,
For in memories we can never escape ;
They Dwell.

I won’t wait for this to be your eulogy,
What do I care about an after life that I know not about,
What do I care about your ghost I know not about,
I wanna see your eyes swell in tears of joy,
Disbelieving how much you mean to me.
I wanna feel you grip tight on my hand,
Believing I got you.

So i am celebrating you today,
I don’t wanna wait till we are promoting you to glory neither do I wanna leave you wondering if I wrote this on my will..
I dont wanna wish I had hugged you tighter…

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”when you go to campus, take care of yourself daughter of mine. Do not rush into sex,it’s not a well it won’t dry but if you must have sex use A CONDOM! ”
Two sentences. That’s how long mine lasted. My old man is a Mr of few words and honestly they are more than I needed.

The talk, the modest will call it, sex education is what the straight forward have branded it. I call it SEX TALK. Yes , I am a combination of both.

It is acclaimed for giving grown-ups sweaty palms as the question on exactly when and how to go about it is yet to be answered regardless of the bountiful tutorials online.

Well folks, there is no right time neither is there a methodology. What am I trying to say??  It’s never that serious. It’s not a football match  so forget about practicing hard…

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You have to check her blogs They are awesome.Just go to

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Your dream… that goal you set, that path you envision taking. The driving force to your hard work,the wood fueling your self-esteem. I am talking about the dire need to better your best. The reason you have read Ben Carson’s ‘Think Big’ so many times you lost count. The reason you do not blink, why you can’t miss a step!!!

So high up in the you have put it then suddenly… It’s coming down!!!  A stone stumbled you and that’s why you couldn’t catch it in time. There… A million and one pieces ?!!

Abruptly your world breaks the norm, it halts…then clicks back right about when the quest to locate the last piece proves futile. Tears copiously cascade your not so chubby cheeks. Then it strikes you… It’s too late to even try.

” I will catch this tear before it touches down. Off to the west, oh! How…

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Totally relatable

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Mother says I am too young for love,
But I am too young to understand.
”I will be careful, ”  I say to myself,
”Just a lick from the pot and i cross my heart, no traces on the table let alone the pot’s sides.
I will be careful I swear…
Trust a twenty first century lass 😉 ”

True to the saying… Forbidden fruits are sweetest!
The reason I come back for more.
Sooner than expected…
I am on the last lick;
Officially in love!
Drunk in love!
Stupid in love!

This is when it dawns to me,
I am sailing on this boat alone
and goodness gracious!
I am at the middle of the ocean;
Panic strikes!
Fear engulfs!
Strength drains!

These waves might catch me?
Which way to the shore??
Quelle dommage !!
I am lost in love ?…


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